Nokia’s Here Maps acquires an AI firm to build you a virtual travel agent

Ever used Nokia’s Here Maps on your Windows Phone? If so, you’ll agree the platform has an impressively comprehensive vault of travel data to pull from. Today, the Finnish company hopes to make said data more personal by acquiring Desti, a…

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Missouri is close to banning Tesla’s direct-to-customer sales

The US as a whole may strongly believe in free trade, but that seems to go to out of the window whenever Elon Musk is involved. According to KOLR 10 News, Missouri’s legislature has sneakily included a ban on Tesla Motors’ direct-selling model,…

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Trick or not, a cheeky chihuahua stealing pit bulls’ food is hilarious

Trick or not, a cheeky chihuahua stealing pit bulls' food is hilarious

Three well-trained dogs wait patiently for the go ahead signal as their owner lays out delicious grilled hot dogs in front of them. Then she gives the signal to go ahead—but the chihuahua steals all of the food before the pit bulls react. Is the chihuahua a jerk or is it all a well-rehearsed trick?

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Engadget Rewind 2008: BlackBerry Storm

Smartphone makers were still reeling from the arrival of Apple’s touchscreen-only iPhone when 2008 rolled around. Research in Motion (RIM), a mobile manufacturer best known for its BlackBerry line and QWERTY keyboard prowess, was at the top of its…

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Deadspin Watch Rare Footage Of The Black Sox Throwing The 1919 World Series | io9 Spider Evolution S

Deadspin Watch Rare Footage Of The Black Sox Throwing The 1919 World Series | io9 Spider Evolution Should Make You Even More Terrified Of Spiders | Jalopnik Should Toyota’s LBGT Employees Be Worried About Moving To Texas? | Lifehacker The Best Google Docs Features You’re Probably Not Using | Kinja Popular Posts

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